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Everyone loves a freebie! 

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Monthly Plans

Monthly plans, are designed to provide options for different sized businesses with different needs and budgets. In addition to the main monthly plan, there are other options to add on. Make contact to discuss your business' individual needs. 


From £195 p/m based on business size


Keeping you compliant

  • An initial review of your HR policies and processes to highlight non-compliance.
  • Policies and documents rewritten where needed.
  • Ongoing updates to ensure in line with employment law
  • Annual review of documentation to ensure ongoing compliance.

We're at the end of the phone!

  • Employee relations and employment law advice line to deal with any current issues.

15% discount on "Pick my Brain" services


From £295 p/m based on business size


Keeping you compliant

  • As basic plan

We're at the end of the line!

  • As basic plan

 Your HR Partner

  • An hour a month (or half a day each quarter) to provide challenge and support around your people strategy, current projects or priorities.  Helping you shape your ideas and build your plans

20% discount on "Pick my Brain" services



From £445 p/m based on business size


Keeping you compliant

  • As basic plan

We're at the end of the line!

  • As basic plan

Your HR Partner

  • As standard plan, but two hours per month, or a full day each quarter

25% discount on "Pick my Brain" services


Add ons

Below are the current monthly add ons, if you require a monthly service that is not here, just let us know and we can build it into your plan.

HR Management with BreatheHR

As a BreatheHR accredited partner, I offer a full HR Management service. Costs will be dependant on size of business and what support is needed. 

Your HR Partner

Business priorities can vary, and you may require more time each month than included in the plan. 

Additional time can be built into your monthly plan, and of course you can get a discount on the Pick My Brain service in line with your plan.

Can I pick your brains?

As an SME business owner, there will be times when you  find yourself wanting to pick the brains of an HR professional.  Whether this is when you are dealing with an employee or team issue, considering reorganisations, or building talent strategies for future growth.  

There are three levels of service. A 30 minute session for pressing matters, a full hour for more complex discussions and a half day session which can be used for brainstorming ideas and building project plans.

Quick Brain Pick


30 minutes for those pressing issues where you need advice or want to sense check your thinking.

Pick my Brain Hour


A full hour to help you shape your thinking around an idea, or to deal with a more complex issue.



Four hours to fully brainstorm an idea or produce a plan for a project.


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